How can I make a reservation?

You can make an online reservation at www.popycar.com webpage in four simple steps.

Please note that if you make a reservation early, you will get much more economical rates.

You can also make a reservation 24/7 by calling the reservation center at 0216 656 73 10 or sending an e-mail at popy@popycar.com.

How can I pick up a vehicle?

Your reservation is immediately forwarded to the relevant office, and the most appropriate POPY vehicle is made reserved for you. You can simply go to the office with your reservation details.

How can I drop off the vehicle?

At the end of your rental period, you simply drive the vehicle to the location you have already mentioned. You can deliver the vehicle to any POPY station you wish. Please contact with the reservation officer for a one-way fee to occur since the reception station and return station is different. If you have any questions or problems during the rental period, you can contact to our authorized employees through the phone number provided to you.

Can I definitely get the car I reserved?

Reservations are made on a group basis, and there is no make/brand guarantee. If the vehicle in the group is not available on that date when your reservation is made, a vehicle of upper segment will be provided from the same price.

What is required to fill up a the contract?

Your driving license (also passport if you come from abroad), credit card registered to your name, address and phone details are entered into our contract by our personnel. Please ask for a copy of your signed rental contract indicating the rental amount and the deposit.

Can I rent with another person's credit card?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent through a credit registered to someone else. The credit card holder must come to the office with you.

Can my friends / spouse / relative drive the car?

If the vehicle is to be driven by person(s) other than the renter, this will be possible only when the driving license details of the additional driver(s) are represented on the rental contract and the additional driver fee is paid. Otherwise, and/or in case of an accident, any and all insurances are deemed to be null and void, and both the renter and the person driving the car are to be severally and jointly held responsible.

Is there a mileage limit in your vehicles?

The right of use in daily car rentals is 300 km whereas it is 3,000 km in terms of monthly car rentals (for van type vehicles 400 and 4,000 km, respectively). For longer distances, you can purchase our mileage packages. Detailed information can be obtained from our reservation center.

How is your price policy determined?

We have a dynamic and variable price policy depending on the instant demand and density in the requested region.

Is there another form of payment available other than a credit card, and what are the terms of a credit card?

Credit card is required for all rentals to be made within POPY. Apart from credit card, any payment methods such as cash, debit card, virtual card, deed etc. are not accepted. The reason that a credit card is requested is the availability to collect in case of traffic tickets, highway tolls, rental extension requests, damage costs etc.

There is double credit card application available for upper segment vehicles. Detailed information can be obtained from our reservation center.

Can I rent with a credit card points?

It is not possible to rent a car with credit card points in POPY.

When is refund in case of reservation cancellation reflected in my credit card?

The refund request is reported to the bank within 24 hours. The money is transferred to your account between 5-7 days depending on the transaction speed of the bank.

When is the deposit fee collected at the beginning of the rental refunded?

Your deposit will be refunded by POPY when your rental period is finished. The refund is transferred to your account within 3-5 business days depending on the internal communication of the bank. In cases of renting with a foreign credit card, the refund transferring period is up to 10-15 business days.

Do vehicles have HGS? How its toll paid?

All of our vehicles have HGS (Fast Pass System). When your rental period is over, HGS usage details are sent by the Directorate of Highways and the toll is collected from the credit card you have used for rental. There are cases where late collection is made due to being connected to Directorate of Highways during the collection process. In case of passage from the OGS booth with our vehicles equipped with HGS, illegal passage occurs and is reflected on the user's credit card.

Can campaigns be combined?

Campaigns such as discounts, promotions etc. cannot be combined.

Can I go abroad with the car I rent?

No, our rental cars cannot be taken abroad.

How is the traffic ticket paid in case of traffic fine?

If the traffic ticket has been issued to your TR ID No., the driver of the vehicle must make the payment. When the traffic ticket is notified to us in traffic fine issued on the license plate, it is paid at a discount and it is collected from the credit card of our customers. At the same time, the service charge for the traffic ticket is also collected.

Do you charge for the days of the vehicle repair in case of an accident?

No, we don't. However, the vehicle should not be used under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or outside the legal speed limits. Otherwise, the driver of the vehicle is held responsible for all damages and is liable to pay the rental fee lost due to repair. In case of an accident, the nearest police or gendarmerie station must be applied without relocating the vehicle, and accident, theft and alcohol detection reports must be taken. Otherwise, all insurances purchased shall be deemed void, and any damage that occurred, including material and immaterial damages suffered by 3rd parties, shall be paid by the renter.

What should I do in case of an accident?

You must call the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle and call the POPY hotline at 0216 656 73 10.

Can I make a long-term or fleet rental from Popy?

Yes, the Popy also provides long-term fleet rental service. You can call our sales department in this regard.


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